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Google Earth free download for windows 7


Google Earth

It's Time To Explore The Earth Without Even Leaving Your Desk

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Google Earth

Google Earth Review:

 Google has taken an amazing initiative to bring the earth to your desktop and mobile devices using Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. Google Earth gives you a comprehensive view of the terrain in 2D  and 3D perspective using three offerings, that is, their desktop app, web plugin and mobile application. Now, although the product is called Google Earth, it takes you to the space and lets you explore our planets and also takes you to the farthest galaxies to improve your knowledge on celestial research.


 It has a huge database of images collected over decades by spaceflights to moon by agencies. It provides a 360 degree panoramic view by stitching all these images via the Google Earth initiative. It has rebuild 3D models of space crafts from past missions and their explorations.
 - It has in store images taken from rovers sent to Mars by NASA missions and allows you to explore the Martian surface all from the comfort of your home.

 3D Perspective

 The web plugin can help you view maps and locations in 3D mode by switching between usual google Map view or Google Earth view. Google Earth lets you have a 3D view of streets, houses, etc. when you are trying to get directions from one spot to another. Similarly you can see mountains and trees in 3D while exploring in those regions. It is not only more intuitive, realistic, but also more fun. 
 - You can view high resolution and indepth 3D models of monuments, historical sites and plan a virtual tour.

 Exploring The Sky, Live
 - The newly introduced Slooh Space Camera layer helps you see real-time images of the sky. 

 It has a collection of real images of distant galaxies, milky way, constellations and all that science has explored in past decades. This also keeps updating recent missions to keep you in pace with the recent knowledge about where we belong and what all surrounds us. You can see the movement of the planets as if you were in an in-house observatory. The technical capabilities have been utilized to their extent by bringing you content at optimized bandwidth right in your hands.

 The latest version of Google Earth is 7.1 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and this has incorporated a lot of live content like podcasts from celestial researchers and experts. It allows you to share your own imagery, placemarks and further more involve in it.

Google Earth screenshotGoogle Earth screenshotGoogle Earth screenshotGoogle Earth screenshot

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